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One of the most joyous aspects of making a gift to CRMS or to any organization is supporting something that’s meaningful to you. A gift puts your values and beliefs into action.

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Finding the right school—the one that feels like home—is one of the most important choices a family can make. Your gift to support scholarships and financial aid helps those families in need of support to receive a CRMS education.

Transformational Impact – Forging the Future, Preserving The Past

In 2010, the CRMS community came together to launch the Forging the Future, Preserving The Past capital campaign. This campaign, which closed in 2015 exceeding its $10M goal with $10,656,603 in gifts, moved the CRMS educational and residential experience forward while keeping strong the ties to the school’s heritage of environmental and community stewardship. The campaign was based on the school’s ten-year strategic plan:

  • Attract and retain a diverse student body
  • Create a supporting and nurturing learning environment
  • Build the school’s financial strength
  • Complete the school’s Campus Master Plan
  • Remain a leader in sustainability

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Goal: A boarding school educates students both inside and outside the classroom, and the residential facilities should promote and enhance those unique opportunities for learning and growth.

Outcome: the remodel of existing dorms and construction of two new residence halls—Woody Pastures South Dorm and Woody Pastures North Dorm—now welcomes students with energy-efficient, home-like spaces. Attached to the new dorms were added faculty housing, providing boarding students with more engagement and interaction with caring adults.


CRMS educates the whole student. Graduates continue to be life-long learners and responsible citizens of the world. It’s a unique and powerful education in the Rocky Mountains.

Fantastic school with fantastic programs. This school has a special place in my heart.

Best thing I ever did was go to Colorado Rocky Mountain School. It was a magical time and friends for life.