Computer Science

Computer Science students are put in the active role of being designers and builders. With this authentic application of computer science knowledge, students develop strong algorithmic and computational thinking skills. Problem-based collaborative learning fosters 21st century skills of critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Mathematics or science course credit is earned through Computer Science classes. All Computer Science courses require that you have taken or are concurrently enrolled in Algebra II.

This course will give students the basic skill set to design, create, and finish simple 3D games. The class will have a dual focus, one being the larger idea of “design” and the other being the mechanics to realize the design. This includes the skills required to develop games with the Unity game engine, programming using Playmaker and or C#, and familiarity with Blender to create 3D assets for games. Considerable time will be spent on the difficult concept of design and what it means to create a fun and engaging experience. The course will be largely project based with the second semester being focused around the completion of a game prototype.