Computer Science

Computer Science students are put in the active role of being designers and builders. With this authentic application of computer science knowledge, students develop strong algorithmic and computational thinking skills. Problem-based collaborative learning fosters 21st century skills of critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Mathematics or science course credit is earned through Computer Science classes. All Computer Science courses require that you have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra II. Note that elective courses may not be offered if there is not sufficient student interest.

This class introduces computer programming and develops the skills of problem-solving and program development with the aim of providing a foundation for software engineering. It also presents current program design and development techniques and provides experience in applying them to various programming problems. The computer programming class focuses on coding and less on the graphics aspect behind creating programs and games. We start with the Processing language and work in a project-based environment to build various games and learn programming concepts and structures. Once we understand the fundamentals, we start working with the Unity Game Engine to build more advanced projects. You will be able to transfer the concepts and skills of the Processing language to working with C# within the Unity engine. The course is entirely project-based and hands-on programming to create mobile games. Prerequisite/corequisite: Algebra II