The focus of the CRMS Spanish Language Department is twofold: to teach students to use the language they study and to broaden their understanding of cultures around them. For these reasons, all language students at CRMS study the Spanish language. Because students focus on only Spanish, they are better able to make use of the language and cultural resources available. For example, CRMS students collaborate with Spanish-speaking students in the Roaring Fork Valley, hear from guest speakers about subjects relevant to international and local Spanish-speaking cultures, experience language immersion home stays during Interim, and participate in service-learning using the Spanish language in their Senior Project. Through these and other language-based experiences, students are exposed not only to the grammatical structure of Spanish but to the literary and cultural aspects of the language as well. In class, students practice their Spanish skills in a variety of formats: listening, speaking, and writing. Classes are conducted almost entirely in Spanish and students are consistently asked to participate orally.

Students who have taken Spanish previously will be placed in the appropriate level after being assessed by the department. A minimum of two years’ study in the same language is required for graduation. Students transferring into CRMS during their senior year may be provided with alternate means for meeting this requirement by the Academic Dean.

In this course, students are introduced to the Spanish language and the Spanish-speaking world. The course develops the four communication skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening as well as cultural awareness. (Generally this is a course for students who have not taken previous Spanish or other language classes)