One of the signature offerings at CRMS is the Advisor Program. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor for the duration of their CRMS experience. The role of the advisor is twofold: the advisor serves as a liaison between the student’s parents or guardians and the school for all questions, concerns, and guidance; and the advisor serves as an advocate, guide, and supporter to the student through life at CRMS. Over time, the advisor often takes on a mentorship role to students, who form a long-lasting relationship with their advisor.

The purpose of the Advisor Program is to develop the character of each student during their time at CRMS. Each student is part of an Advisory Group that consists of their advisor and a small group of students from their grade. Through meaningful relationships that form between the Advisory Groups and advisors, advisees are routinely challenged to define themselves and seek personal growth through the CRMS recognition system to develop perseverance, curiosity, optimism, social intelligence, and self-regulation.

Advisory Groups meet multiple times, including weekly Advisory Meetings, All-School Meeting, and Formal Dinners. During Advisory Meetings, Advisory Groups focus on agenda items such as academic courses, preparation for student-led conferences, active and outdoor trips, and social and wellness issues. Students informally see their advisors and advisory group members throughout the week, whether in the classroom, dining hall, in the dormitories or after school actives. The Advisory Groups ultimately serve as a support program and “family” away from home for our students.