Colorado Rocky Mountain School is a healthy, thriving community, balancing the needs and desires of individuals with what is good for the whole. Community requires presence, commitment, and active participation, and the reward is a sense of meaningful connection to an exceptional place.

CRMS students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in the community to express their growth and maturity. In these positions, students are expected to model the values of the school, encourage positive risk-taking, and uphold all school rules. Opportunities for leadership at CRMS are not limited to upperclassmen, nor is leadership always defined by a specific position. Below are some examples of leadership opportunities for students at CRMS.

Holden Citizenship is the highest level of recognition that a student may have at CRMS and is bestowed on students who have demonstrated the greatest effort academically, athletically, and socially. Holden Citizens are students who have distinguished themselves in the Recognition System, a system that recognizes each student individually for his or her sustained effort, growth, and maturity.

Because of this recognition, Holden Citizens earn privileges that speak to the trust that they have earned, such as permission to study out of the dorm at night and eligibility to lead a Household Job or Service Crew. In short, Holden Citizens model the three values of the CRMS community—respect, responsibility, and excellence—and are examples to all who interact with them.