Academics are at the center of the Colorado Rocky Mountain School experience, but it is not an isolated endeavor confined to a classroom. Students follow an integrated liberal arts curriculum immersed with real opportunities for students to not only learn the material, but work, dissect, engage, and rebuild it. Learning is student-centered and character-driven, and it has been since the school's inception.


Engaging Students

The academic program at CRMS challenges students to engage with depth and rigor while preparing them for college-level work. AP classes and advanced coursework such as Calculus 3 are available in nearly every discipline along with opportunities to make learning meaningful and relevant. In the sciences, students may tackle authentic problems such as how to relocate an osprey nest or repair a riparian corridor on a 300+ acre campus. In the humanities, small class sizes ensure all students are seen and have a voice in discussions that use classic and modern texts as a springboard for critical, collaborative, and ethical thinking. Interdisciplinary connections are common, and students are often encouraged to connect individual learning more broadly to community, global or current affairs. In the arts, whether students are learning hands-on artisanal crafts like blacksmithing or performing in music productions, students give back to their community in genuine ways while learning from master teachers.

Our 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio ensures that all students are seen, heard, and receive individual attention. Ask our students what they most value about CRMS, and they'll likely point to their teachers' passion, energy, and willingness to help them thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Students are additionally supported through weekly small-group meetings with an advisor, designated student meeting blocks to confer with teachers, access to a dedicated learning specialist and a college and career counselor, and a peer tutoring program. Woven into all academics is the practice of core character skills such as perseverance, respect, and compassion.

By the time CRMS students graduate, they are well-prepared to move on to the college of their choice. Over four years, CRMS students develop the tools and knowledge not only to succeed in college but to be thoughtful, contributing members of the larger world as well. It is CRMS' privilege to usher our students through this exciting and transformational time in their lives.