The CRMS Science Department emphasizes experiential investigation of the natural world. Students explore the nature of scientific inquiry and examine the function of models in scientific understanding. CRMS students use scientific methods to investigate and verify fundamental principles. They utilize computers, library resources, electronic probes, and mathematics to evaluate, quantify, and present their research. Finally, faculty encourage students to become critical thinkers and citizens who use the content, models, and skills of science throughout their lives. Students start with Biology, followed by Chemistry. They are encouraged to continue with other science courses throughout their years of study here.

Biology is an introduction to life on earth. In Colorado Rocky Mountain School’s first science course, students explore the rationale, logic, and assumptions of the scientific method, scientific inquiry, and scientific research and reporting. In the first semester, students study principles of populations, ecosystems, evolution, taxonomy and systematics, biochemistry, cells and cell division, photosynthesis, and metabolism. In the second semester, students investigate principles of genetics, infectious disease and the immune system, and human anatomy and physiology, including the endocrine system, reproduction, growth and development, neurobiology, and cardiopulmonary and skeletomuscular systems.