CRMS Future Path

A lifetime of learning, flourishing, and connection

We consider a Colorado Rocky Mountain School education to be the foundation for a lifetime of learning, flourishing, and connection. We intend to capitalize on the school’s size, location, and place in experiential education to create an integrated, compelling academic program graduating students prepared to engage as ethical citizens. CRMS will remain a place that inspires graduates to continuously learn more and live healthy lives, while they consider and address the most important issues of their generation that have both a local and global importance such as well-being, social and political concordance and dissonance, immigration, sustainability, environmental restoration and degradation, climate change, and rapid advances and discoveries in science and technology. 

CRMS has a history of visionary leadership within the educational landscape, empowering students to develop self-reliance and engagement.  Students at CRMS gain self-knowledge and self-ownership through experiential learning because these experiences provide them with opportunities to explore and practice their values through collaborative problem-solving.  The virtue of being engaged in a diverse academic, active, and social curriculum that connects them with the larger world, their communities, and the local landscapes is that they gain a purpose beyond themselves.

To establish that foundation, we must support the personal relationships that are at the heart of a small boarding school and commit to cultivating those relationships in the context of a diverse community that make possible transformative learning: the community will include people of different backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and passions so that we have essential interdisciplinary and intergenerational and intersectional conversations and understandings.

We recognize that too often in our history, we have come up short in our efforts to diversify our campus and our program so that it is attractive to, welcoming for, and supportive of people who come from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and races. Addressing our shortcomings in this area is deeply embedded in our vision for CRMS.

A CRMS education will provide experiences, programs, and spaces that will facilitate connections between individual study and collaboration, relationships between different disciplines, and partnerships with fellow students, faculty, and outside people and organizations to understand the interconnections between our values, goals, and outcomes. The students will experience a rigorous academic program that will push them to achieve the best of their capabilities, knowing that they have the support of their teachers and that these relationships have been nurtured and strengthened throughout a broad spectrum of experiences and programs.

The path to connection will span the entire curricula (academic, active, and community life) and emphasize personal reflection and engagement in the community emphasizing plurality and inclusion.

As part of the future path work, the board will develop and refine programs that enhance connection, well-being, and academic excellence in conjunction with the administrative team and faculty.