Welcome to Colorado Rocky Mountain School!

CRMS is an ideal learning environment for high school students because of its intentional, research-based programming, deliberate size, and unrivaled geographic location. The CRMS experience is designed to address a transformative time in a young adult's life. On this doorstep to adulthood, we understand that students need to feel connected, seen, and heard, in order to fulfill their potential and move into their next phase of life with confidence, competence, and an orientation toward learning and engagement.

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Connected: Through an integrated curriculum that weaves academics, outdoor adventure, service, and the arts, Colorado Rocky Mountain School students are connected with one another, their teachers, their community, and the larger world. These connections allow students to make authentic and meaningful contributions to their school community, expand their potential, take appropriate risks in a supportive environment, and take their learning to an exceptional level.

Seen: We are deliberately sized so that every student has our full attention. Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School are known as individuals and celebrated in this community. Every student has the opportunity to be applauded, no matter their strength - academics, athletics, community service, artistic abilities, or for their own unique characteristics.

Heard: Students at Colorado Rocky Mountain School have a voice and are encouraged to develop it. They lead and contribute to the conversations, and shape school policy. Their involvement is valued throughout the program, and as a result, they are active participants in their own educational experience.

When students are connected, seen, and heard, and are guided through this transformation with attentive adult mentors, they are better prepared to take on the greater independence they naturally seek. At Colorado Rocky Mountain School, all our faculty and staff view it as a privilege to mentor students into their adult roles and prepare them for the academic challenges of college and life beyond. We understand this is our responsibility to fulfill with your student.

Selecting a high school for your child is an incredibly important decision. Graduates of Colorado Rocky Mountain School are intellectually curious, adventurous, creative, resilient, kind, and confident young adults.

I encourage you to learn more about Colorado Rocky Mountain School and our approach to education by contacting our admission office to begin this exciting journey!

Jeff Leahy

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