The goals of the CRMS Mathematics Department are to provide students with the tools to be logical thinkers and to help them gain a solid foundation in problem-solving. The department aims to help students become more confident in their mathematical abilities as well as appreciate ways in which the mathematics they are studying relates to the world around them. Emphasis is placed on both mastery of mathematical operations and understanding of the underlying reasoning of the operations themselves. All topics are explored visually, symbolically, and verbally. Class work, homework, quizzes, tests, and projects are designed to develop critical thinking. Graphing calculators and computer technology are an integral part of the curriculum and are regularly used as tools to help students further comprehend the topics being studied. Completing three years of mathematics and passing Algebra II are the minimum requirements, but students are encouraged to continue mathematics classes up to and including their senior year.

This course develops both the fundamental skills of algebra and the context for the practical application of math. Students learn algebraic manipulation, graphing, and mathematical modeling. Algebraic manipulation topics include simplifying and solving linear and polynomial expressions and equations. These algebraic topics are applied to linear and quadratic modeling. Students use a calculator, computers, and the web to gain better understanding of the topics.
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 placement exam