Welcome back to CRMS!

“No matter where you go, you’ll always have a home at 500 Holden Way.” –A Recent Graduate

Remember that feeling of a close-knit community you experienced as a student at CRMS—that feeling of being seen, known, heard, and appreciated for who you are? As a graduate of CRMS, you’re part of a community that values who you are and how you participate in the world we all share.

Even after your high school days are over, you will always have a place at CRMS.

The Alumni section of the website can serve as a hub for information about your classmates and other alumni, as well as news about important events and activities at your alma mater. Whether you live down the road from campus or across the globe, any student who attended CRMS for one full year is considered an alumni — and we hope you’ll keep strong ties to your classmates and the school.

Alumni News

Bella Rettenwander ‘16 Researches #VanLife

By Tim O'Keefe | April 14, 2021

Hometown: Key West, Florida< Currently Residing in  Durango, Colorado Education: Current Anthropology major, minoring in Business Administration and Tourism/Hospitality Business at Ft. Lewis College Occupation: Student, researching #vanlife You’re currently…

Tobin Sanson ‘11

By Tim O'Keefe | April 14, 2021

Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado Currently Residing in Los Angeles, California Education (course of study/degree, institution):  studied film for a few years at Brooks Institute of Photography (no longer exists haha) Occupation:…

Bubbles, Butanol and Bacteria: A Fascination with Fermentation Inspired Nick Harris ’06 To Found Innovative Businesses

By Heath Hignight | April 14, 2021

Sunny spring weather invites us all to reconnect with the outdoors. Trees, flowers, and thousands of other lifeforms emerge, and we’re reminded of the interplay of chemistry, biology, physics, geology,…

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