Meeting Long-term Needs – Capital & Endowed Giving

Capital & Facilities Giving

Whether you’ve visited the CRMS campus daily as a student or parent, or not yet visited, there’s little doubt that the mix of historic 19th-century buildings and new, modern residential and teaching facilities is unlike most schools. Generations of students and their families poured their time, physical energy, and expertise into building and maintaining the spaces we enjoy year in, year out.
To ensure we have the resources to maintain, enhance, and build to meet our students’ needs, CRMS created the Capital Fund. Your gift to the CRMS Capital Fund supports important projects that will benefit this historic campus. If any of these speak to you or to your experiences and you would like to make a gift to the future of the school, please contact Heath Hignight, Director of Development at 970-963-2562 to discuss them further.

Bar Fork Facility Remodel – UNDER WAY

Due to health and safety needs demanded by COVID-19, in Summer 2020 we began the work on the next capital improvement, the Bar Fork, our beloved dining hall and gathering area.
The immediate scope of the improvements focuses on elevating the safety and efficiency of food preparation areas and service to our seating and dining experience, ensuring appropriate and healthy dining space for students and faculty. If you would like to help with the expenses for this project, please contact Heath Hignight, Director of Development.
The next phase of the Bar Fork facility remodel will include a thoughtful expansion of the dining area, lecture rooms, the school’s bookstore, and other modernizations. You can be sure we’ll maintain the architectural qualities that make the Bar Fork a hallmark of the CRMS campus. Your gift could be the one that helps today’s students experience a completely new Bar Fork!

BF reno 2

Barn Remodel

One of the oldest buildings on campus, the Barn serves as the school’s largest gathering place—an agora for new family orientations, all-school meetings, theater and music performances, and guest presenters. Built in 1896, the distinctive structure was part of the original Bar Fork Ranch property on which the Holdens' launched the school in the 1950s, beginning service with animal stalls, a dirt floor, and that iconic roof inspired by Japanese architecture. To extend the legacy of this facility well into the school’s next 70 years, CRMS intends to renovate the interior to improve utilization and safety, creating a space with additional theater-style seating while maximizing floor area.

Barn photo

Endowed Giving

Endowed giving enables you to help CRMS plan for the future.
Endowed Fund donors have the unique opportunity to impact students, faculty, programs and facilities over time, with the knowledge that their generosity will span generations.
Because they support the school in perpetuity, Endowed Funds are a touching way to celebrate those important to you. If you so choose, you can create an Endowed Fund to celebrate a loved one, a cherished faculty or staff member, or other individuals who are or have made an impact on the school and its broader community.
You may choose to make a one-time gift, a multi-year pledge, or an estate gift to an Endowed Fund. You may wish to contribute to an existing Endowed Fund or create a new one. If you would like to learn more about how your generosity can span generations, please contact Heath Hignight, Director of Development.

  • Unrestricted Endowed Fund – established through gifts from hundreds of alumni and friends, this fund provides CRMS with the greatest flexibility to support the school’s needs. And we mean everything: kitchen supplies to prepare nutritious meals; student bus and vehicle maintenance; bedframes, mattresses, and dorm cleaning supplies; desks, chairs, and classroom supplies; and replacing old technology. Giving to the Unrestricted Endowed Fund is similar to giving to the Annual Fund, but your gift has an impact forever.
  • Alumni Memorial Endowment - Established by alumni to make an endowed gift of any size in memory of a classmate.
  • Harald Pabst Memorial Endowment – funded through memorial gifts in memory of Shorty Pabst