Annual & Recurring Giving

“In life, we are not passengers, we are members of the Crew.” - Kurt Hahn

For the past decade, these words from Outward Bound co-founder Kurt Hahn have greeted all who enter the Bar Fork. New 9th graders ponder its meaning. Seniors and CRMS alumni live its meaning. It is a provocative idea whether you’re a new student on your way to breakfast before class, a parent visiting campus on a weekend, or an alumni looking back with an air of nostalgia. 

You are a member of the Crew. 

Whether you chose CRMS for the seasoned faculty, or the unmatched access to outdoor education, you are a member of the Crew. Whether you graduated in 1960 or last year, you are a member of the Crew. Whether you live a short drive away or over a thousand miles’ distance, you are a member of the Crew.  

You make the school’s exemplary daily academic and active experience possible when you make a gift to the CRMS Annual Fund. The CRMS Annual Fund covers up to 15% of the cost of providing the outstanding CRMS experience to our diverse student body. 

Scholarships and classroom supplies. Kayaks and replacement climbing holds. Guitar strings and biking helmets. Chemistry beakers and software licenses. 

All are made possible thanks to your generous support of the CRMS Annual Fund. Your one-time or recurring gift to the CRMS Annual Fund changes the lives of every student and faculty. When you give to the CRMS Annual Fund, you are a member of the crew! 

How are we doing? Have advice, thoughts to share, or questions we can answer? Contact Tim O'Keefe, Director of Annual Giving at 970-963-2562.