CRMS Annual Fund

John and Anne Holden’s vision was to create extraordinary educational experiences at a unique high school. The ordinary in education was rote memorization, rigid classroom practices, and an environment focused overwhelmingly on academic topics with only token opportunities for artistic and emotional growth. CRMS instead sought to create extraordinary learning opportunities for its students that would lead to purposeful, meaningful lives.

Just as it has always been, CRMS students today come from all walks of life—a wide array of cultures, family connections, and perspectives. While at CRMS, they learn to author their future through challenging—and personalized—academic classes, growing not just their intellectual capacity but their critical thinking within a global context. CRMS teachers and advisors show them how to confront their barriers, building resilience and resourcefulness that prepares them to excel not just in college but in life. CRMS students explore a wide range of arts with intentionality and are encouraged to persist in practicing their talents toward unique expression.

Creating an extraordinary education requires constant effort. Faculty and staff must always look for new ways to inspire students who come from different cultures and backgrounds.

Creating an extraordinary education requires compassion. Students come to CRMS with a range of needs. CRMS strives to provide academic and emotional support, mentoring, and guidance through the challenges of modern adolescence.  

And, creating an extraordinary education requires resources. That’s where you come in. 

When you give to the CRMS Annual Fund, you Create Extraordinary.

Your gift to the Annual Fund helps cover up to 15% of the cost of the extraordinary CRMS experience. Some of what the Annual Fund covers in one year:

  • Public land use fees for backcountry trips
  • Scholarships & financial aid
  • Service crew supplies & tools
  • Faculty professional development
  • Arts materials
  • Chemistry beakers & petri dishes
  • Software licenses
  • Soccer equipment & travel
  • Advisee program expenses
  • Library materials & subscriptions
  • Outdoor equipment


Danika Davis

Alumni and Parent Relations Manager

Danika Davis

B.A, Applied Exercise Science Deakin University, Melbourne Australia

Appointed 2021 Danika is a dual Australian/American citizen, born in Papua New Guinea and raised…

Liza Sakamoto

Development Assistant

Liza Sakamoto

B.S. Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Colorado at Boulder

Appointed 2022 Liza moved to the CRMS campus with her husband, Noah, in 2019 for…

Shawn Gerum

Development Database Manager

Shawn Gerum

B.S. Biology, The College of New Jersey

Appointed 2021

Tim O’Keefe

Director of Annual Giving

Tim O’Keefe

BS, Biology, Davidson College

Appointed 2020 Tim, a native of New Hampshire, relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley in…

Questions? Contact Tim O'Keefe, Director of Annual Giving at 970-963-2562.