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Meeting Needs Today – Annual & Recurring Giving

Your one-time or recurring gift to the CRMS Fund underwrites essential aspects of the school, and is what makes the school’s exemplary daily academic, residential, and active experience possible each day. The CRMS Fund covers up to 15% of the cost of providing the outstanding CRMS experience to our diverse student body.

This school year, over $2 million in financial aid and scholarships will be awarded to nearly 40% of current students based on need and merit, thanks largely to the generous support of individuals like you.

This fund also supports professional development for our committed faculty, resulting in greater academic rigor and creative instruction techniques. Your one-time or recurring gift to the CRMS Fund also elevates CRMS to excellence, underwriting programs such as the outdoor curriculum, service to the community, and impressively unique arts offerings that change the lives of every student.

Your participation in the CRMS Fund each year is key to the student success, and there’s a way for everyone to support the school’s needs.

  • Recent graduate of CRMS? A recurring $5/month gift to the CRMS Fund is a great option to impact those students following in your footsteps
  • Current or past parent, grandparent, or family member? Consider making a yearly gift to support outstanding faculty or one of the active programs that impacted your graduate.
  • Alumni who values and cherishes the CRMS education? Your recurring or monthly gift can help provide scholarships, or maintaining the rich heritage of historic buildings and precious natural lands

Every gift from every person counts.

Ready to Give?

Support the CRMS Fund at the Level that’s Meaningful to You

The significance of our “mascot,” the CRMS Oyster, is one of the most intriguing parts of the CRMS Community. Supporting the CRMS Fund as an Oyster speaks to a commitment for which there are no words, but eternal gratitude.