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Giving Down the Road – Asset, Trust & Estate Giving

A gift of an appreciated asset, or a gift in your will or trust, are easy and impactful ways to support what matters to you most. When you make a gift through a bequest or trust, you make a difference in the lives of CRMS students—now and in the future.
Below are a few examples of ways to make such a gift:

  • Estate gifts such as insurance beneficiary designations or estate (will) designations
  • Income gifts such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts
  • Smart gifts with potential tax advantages such as IRA charitable rollovers, charitable lead trusts, appreciated real estate, gifts of closely-held stock or equities

Gifts of assets or trust or estate gifts typically are used to build CRMS’s endowed funds, ensuring that the resources needed to educate students in the future will always be available.
To learn more about how you can support what matters most to you through an asset, trust or estate gift, please contact Heath Hignight, Director of Development.

Estate Giving – The Holden Circle

The Holden Circle honors donors who designated CRMS in their estate plans. Please contact us if you are ready to join this visionary group of alumni and donors.

Towne Allen ’69
Carol Baily ’69
Ralph Beck ’73
Katharine Bradley Bennett ’67
Inez Black
Emily Bray ’75
Chris ’93 & Heidi Bromley
Chelsea Brundige
Barbara R. Buchanan ’65
Bonnie Holden Carter ’58
Tony* ’58 & Bernadette* Cherin
Sara Bunn Chesney ’77
Beach Clow ’77
Sherri Draper
Katherine Dumont*
William Dumont ’57*
Lee Ann Eustis – Honorary Alumna ’68*
Patricia Fender*
Michael ’63 & Jane Flax
Dutton & Carolyn Foster
Andrew G. Gould ’60
Katherine Gould-Martin ’61
Mary Whitford Graves ’60
Anne L. Gwathmey ’78
Lee Hall ’83
Beth Finder Harris ’60
Bradford Havice ’58
Erin N. Hayne ’95
Ted Hepp* ’61
Louis Jaffe ’64
Steve & Karen Lynn Keith
Karen Kidwell ’72
Amy Kilham ’69
James Koons ’72
Starr Lanphere* ’60
Jeffrey & Amanda Leahy
Lynn Bradley Leopold ’60
Margaret A. Lewis
Marian “Lolly” Lewis ’69
Mary Crouch Lilly*
Christopher W. Link* ’74
Ralph & Lynda Lipe
Sam & Pete Louras
Sean McEvoy ’83
Suzi McKinley ’96
Beth Caldwell McNiff* ’63
Peter McWhinney ’78
Jan & Amos Melendez
Mary Wilmer Mills ’72
Loulie Molloy
William A. Moore ’60 and
Lorna G. Moore
Wick Moses ’66
Sandra Mowry
James Nagel ’73
Virginia C. Newton
Malott Nyhart ’68
I.V. Pabst ’69
Katherine Paddon ’80
Bill ’61 & Becky Parzybok
Anthony Perry* ’55
Ilsa Perse ’66
Cynthia Yates Price ’72
Ramelle Cochrane Pulitzer ’68
Lisa Raleigh
Frank Reynolds ’87
Cory Hardie Ritchie ’92
Barbara O’Neil Ross
Rob ’58 and Aly Sayre
Colin Bunnell Schieck ’78
Susie Schlesinger ’68
John Schubert ’74
John Schweppe*
Jonathan Siegel ’71
Pat Stein Spitzmiller ’60
John Stickney ’57
Virginia E. Touhey ’74
Lynda Walters ’80
John T. Watson*
Stan Wattles '80, The Howard Bayne Fund
Tad Whitaker ’94
Ashley Whittaker ’89
Anonymous (2)

*indicates deceased

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