Iceland – land of fire and ice

Iceland – the famed land of fire and ice. Any earth scientist dreams about traveling to the mythical island nestled in the north Atlantic. However, its prestige extends to an…

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A.O. Forbes’ odyssey to CRMS

By Jeanne Souldern Published Apr. 13, 2022 in The Sopris Sun A.O. Forbes is retiring from teaching, having completed his 33rd year at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS), a school…

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Jeremy Wolf named Coach of the Year

Jeremy Wolf

Reprinted from The Colorado High School Cycling League Jeremy has been the backbone of the CRMS mountain bike team since 2010. His disarming passion and a quiet sense of humor…

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Faculty Spotlight: Olivia Pevec


Blacksmithing Resident Artist Olivia Pevec has a lot of irons in the fire beyond the Colorado Rocky Mountain School forge. From blacksmithing to wood-splitting to the arts and volunteerism, longtime…

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Faculty Spotlight: Monica Perez-Rhodes


Monica Perez-Rhodes has made a long journey, from dishwasher to controller at Colorado Rocky Mountain School, a journey she’s rightfully proud of. Perez-Rhodes first came to Carbondale at age three.…

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They also know that we care

Gaw Clark Image _PI

This has been reprinted from a story in the Post Independent, published on December 27, 2018. Why two teachers stayed at Carbondale boarding school for 40 years At 8:15 on…

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