Darryl Fuller Receives Colorado Cycling League Trailblazer Award

by Beth Smith

Published in the Colorado High School Cycling League’s Singletrack Spotlight.

Darryl Fuller was awarded this distinction at 2023 State Championships at Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs. Below is an excerpt from the presentation.

Darryl showed up with a team from the Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS), in 2010, the very first season. He is an award-winning outdoor educator and experienced back-country traveler. He has shepherded the team to include some of the best technical riders who express an innate sense of joy for an array of outdoor endeavors.

On May 21, 2022 Darryl’s life would change forever when he slid nearly 1,000 feet while skinning up Cathedral Peak. He sustained a severe TBI and broken leg from this accident. He was unresponsive for nearly three months and nobody knew what version of Darryl would come back when or if he became responsive.

With expert care and vigilant nurturing from his wife Susan, Darryl’s strength and abilities continue to grow. He attended every race this season cheering for the Oysters. He remains kind and witty. He is riding again, and looking forward to skiing.

Darryl’s contribution to the community is recognized in a place named “Daryl’s Corner” on the Spring Valley race course. His compassionate, even-tempered demeanor and phenomenal recovery shine bright! Ride on!

– Kate Rau, Executive Director, Colorado Cycling League 

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