Iceland – land of fire and ice

Iceland – the famed land of fire and ice. Any earth scientist dreams about traveling to the mythical island nestled in the north Atlantic. However, its prestige extends to an…

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CRMS invites you to be an osprey host

osprey 2

reprinted from The Sopris Sun, June 22, 2022 by Max Seitel-Hayes ’24 If you’ve been along Highway 82 by El Jebel and Basalt or driven 133 through Carbondale, you’ve probably…

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Dream Project culminates in a visit to the capitol

For their 5 Point Dream Project seniors Ellie Urfrig and Willa Schendler collaborated with the climate advocacy non-profit Conservation Colorado. They worked with field community organizer Ian Roche, who provided…

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The Reach of Rock Climbing

Scarlett Kerr climbing at Grand Valley Climbing

by Max Seitel-Hayes ’24 and Makai Yllanes ’23 When Climbing made its debut at the 2021 Summer Olympics, more and more people began discovering this exciting sport. Colorado’s climbing scene…

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Making an Impact with English in Action


Most of us have experienced the intense frustration of not being able to express ourselves adequately. For Roaring Fork Valley adults who speak little or no English, this is a…

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CRMS climbers cruise through Eagle meet

Reprinted from the Aspen Times – December 9, 2021 Area climbers returned from the Thanksgiving break on Saturday, with Colorado Rocky Mountain School easily winning the third Western Slope regional…

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