New Interim Offering: Journalism and Podcasts

by Aimee Yllanes

Written by: Charlotte Oakley, CRMS Teaching Fellow

This was the inaugural year for the KCRMS Radio interim, created and led by Juanma Martin Cespedes and Charlotte Oakley. Five CRMS students had the opportunity to learn about radio, podcasting, and journalism in the Roaring Fork Valley- ultimately culminating in creating their own podcasts. CRMS partnered with KDNK community radio and Adele Craft, Program Manager of the Andy Zanca Youth Empowerment program, to create a two-week curriculum that taught students about the principles of news and journalism, the hard and soft skills required to conduct exciting interviews, and about general radio production in the valley. Over the two weeks, the group visited KDNK community radio, The Sopris Sun, Aspen Public Radio, Aspen Daily News, and the Sol Theatre Company. All groups generously hosted our students and shared their work and missions with us. 

Students cited the ability to create their own podcast as a highlight of the interim. It was wonderful to see the massive range of creativity the students tapped into. Kira Harvey ’25, created a podcast on love and relationships. She interviewed a marriage counselor, a professional matchmaker, and some of her peers- collecting various views and opinions on love and relationships. On the other end of the spectrum, Kai Galbraith’26, wanted to know more about what residents in the valley thought about death, dying, and what may come after our lives on earth. He interviewed a local pastor and a death doula. Cooper Cantor ’25, decided to tell the story of Danish Arctic explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen. Cooper reported that Mikkelsen and his team were stranded in Greenland for nearly three years! Lily Peterson ’24, is an engineering fanatic. She was curious about what civil engineering in the valley looked like, especially given our unique climate and geography. Lily had the opportunity to interview a local civil engineer. Lastly, we had Henry O’Hagan ’24, who narrated what a day in the life of a student pilot in the valley looks like. Henry interviewed his flight instructor and even recorded one of his flying lessons! 

All the students enjoyed having the freedom to investigate and pursue a topic of their choosing. It was an excellent way to teach them how to contact and interview strangers, create and tell a story, and produce a podcast they are proud of! 



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