CRMS prepared Molly Wright ‘21 for college and future career

by Tim O'Keefe





Hometown: Silverton, CO
Residing in: Washington, DC
Education: 2nd-year student studying political science and environmental science at American University in Washington, D.C.

What are some of your interests?

Aside from academics, I’ve stayed pretty serious about running. I ran my first marathon on February 19th, and I could not be more excited that I embraced that challenge. Last summer, I did the Kendall Mountain Run in Silverton, CO (12 miles with nearly 4,000 feet of vertical gain!). I also volunteered at the Hardrock Hundred, which was so inspirational, and running that race someday is one of my biggest dreams. 

What is a favorite memory from CRMS?
My senior year interim trip to the Grand Canyon is one of my favorite memories from my time at CRMS.

What’s the most rewarding part of your life now?
I love going to school in DC because we are so close to everything the government does, making my political science studies feel much more worthwhile. The mentorship I’ve had access to in my field of study is truly unparalleled. During this past midterm election cycle, I volunteered with American Univerity College Democrats and spent several hours every week phone banking for candidates all over the country. Political campaigns are chaotic, but I had a lot of fun with it and can definitely see myself doing work like that in the future.

How did CRMS play a role in your professional, personal, or community life?
I often think back to my time at CRMS. The classes I took there prepared me so well for what I am learning in college. The classes I have taken for my minor in Environmental Science have mostly been review, thanks to classes I took with Robin and Kayo while I was at CRMS! Last year, I had to take a class on political theory, which was also mostly a review from Dave Meyer’s sophomore-year history class!

How has your experience at CRMS influenced what you are doing now?
CRMS taught me to find awe wherever I go and in whatever I’m doing. I am grateful for my time there, and I hope all is well with the faculty and staff that made my time there so memorable and worthwhile. While the DC area is lacking in mountains and wild places, I have found that cities – especially this one – are like a whole different kind of wilderness. There’s a quote from Henry David Thoreau that I often think of when I walk near the Capitol Building or the White House: “The home, this, of necessity and fate. There was clearly felt the presence of a force not bound to be kind to man. It was a place for heathenism and superstitious rites, to be inhabited by men nearer of kin to the rocks and wild animals than we.” 

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