New Course Spotlight: Social Justice Statistics

In statistics, means can be misleading.  One number, one radical outlier, can dramatically skew the calculation of an average and thus skew the conclusions we draw from data that over-emphasizes…

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Helen J. Muller ’62, professor, community organizer, author

Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana Currently Residing in: Albuquerque, New Mexico Education: BA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Wisconsin Madison; Masters in Public Health, University of Hawaii – Honolulu; Ph.D. in Organizational Theory, University of…

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Connected to the Community


Colorado Rocky Mountain School fosters long-standing relationships with the Aspen Valley’s most impactful organizations It’s no secret that Aspen is home to some of the best outdoor opportunities in the…

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CRMS partners with Aspen Valley Land Trust


CRMS partnered with Aspen Valley Land Trust to work on a Riparian Restoration Project on the north end of campus.  Click here to view “The Point” a video produced by…

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Tick Ridge Gets a Facelift

Tick Ridge Run

When you first hear that your student is spending time at a place called “Tick Ridge,” you might be inclined to wonder if bug spray is mandatory. While the longtime…

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The Recognition System at CRMS

Kayo Fall Trip Kids

Several times a year, students and their families receive a CRMS report card on progress in programs ranging from academics to service crews to interim. What catches the eye on…

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Making the Transition to High School


Freshman year of high school is a time of immense change for students. CRMS provides intentional programming that prepares and supports 9th graders for the new challenges introduced by a…

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The CRMS Recognition System

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The Recognition System at Colorado Rocky Mountain School has been in existence for fourteen years. It was introduced in the Fall of 2005 as a way to recognize each student’s…

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Mastering Zen at the Crestone Center


Our trip to Crestone Mountain Zen Center included 15 CRMS Seniors (12 from Eastern Philosophy, and three adventurers from Western Philosophy), Mark Clark, and his wife, Jeannie. The purpose of…

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