10 Myths about Boarding School Debunked

MYTH VS.FACT More engaged. More empowered. More than ready to take on the world. Here’s the truth about boarding school. Where and how your child learns can greatly impact their…

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What’s Boarding School Like IRL?


So, you’re thinking about boarding school. Is it right for you? Sure, the exciting adventures, leading academic programs and independence sound great—but what is going away for school really like—in…

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Life in the Dorms


For nine months out of every year, Colorado Rocky Mountain School is alive, filled with students tapping into their exceptional possibilities, working together, planning adventures, and for more than half…

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Why Your Child Should Attend Boarding School


The benefits of attending a boarding school are often untold. A recent Forbes.com article shares how this incredible experience can impact a child’s education, and life. At Colorado Rocky Mountain…

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Choosing an Independent School


Choosing a school for your child is a big decision. It’s where they will spend the majority of their waking day, where they will make their friends, and where they…

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