What’s Boarding School Like IRL?

by Aimee Yllanes

So, you’re thinking about boarding school. Is it right for you? Sure, the exciting adventures, leading academic programs and independence sound great—but what is going away for school really like—in real life?

The world is your classroom.

Real learning doesn’t need to happen in a stuffy room. In fact, some of the best lessons are found high atop a mountain or rafting down a rapid or, you know, riding a trail.

The experience of a lifetime is every day at Colorado Rocky Mountain School. CRMS provides a really great education in a really beautiful and unique setting.

Your day is your own.

Why wait until college to have a say in how you spend your time? After all, nothing really prepares you for the future like practice. In boarding school, you can coordinate a schedule that best suits your academic, extracurricular and personal goals.

The Association of Boarding Schools conducted a study that showed boarding school students were 78% more likely to feel prepared for the independence, social aspect and time management needed in college than just 23% of their public school peers.

The best academics. Period.

All of the important classes are still there, but the teachers are able to focus specifically on how you learn best. From cultivating your writing skills to solving complex equations, academics are way more engaging than at regular and private-day high school. Plus, you’re surrounded by friends and students who motivate you to do your best.

Not just a school—it’s your school.

High school can be exciting and a little bit scary to think about. Boarding schools emphasize growth while offering the right amount of guidance for you to become the best student, athlete, scientist, researcher, rock star, friend…and human…you can be. You’re able to live on your own, but you don’t have to feel lonely.

“Boarding is like a really weird social experiment gone amazingly right. You get to know people really well. You get to meet people you never would have met before.”

IRL, boarding school sets you up for the future you deserve.
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