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Senior Projects Begin

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Senior Project is an integral part of a student’s final year at CRMS, requiring students to exercise self-reliance and responsibility. This project forms an essential aspect of the transition from the relatively comfortable and familiar school community to the world beyond. Successful completion of the project is a CRMS graduation requirement.

Each senior organizes and carries out an independent, three-week project away from school and home, in which they under a master, employer or with an organization. Upon their return to campus, seniors present their real-world learning experiences to peers, family, and a jury made up of students and faculty. Both the quality of the project completed and an oral presentation (a pivotal opportunity to exhibit public-speaking skills) are evaluated, as is a reflective essay designed to help students chronicle their reflections and learning experiences.

Planning the project can be an exciting and thought-provoking process. Students are encouraged to begin exploring project options at the end of their junior year, making the program one of the hallmark experiences of their transition to the new challenges and responsibilities of preparing to graduate. Students often identify unexplored passions or compelling service opportunities, or they may design a program that intensifies current interests.

Sample senior projects include:

  • Volunteering in a Balinese orphanage
  • Learning organic farming techniques
  • Internship at a glassblowing studio
  • Working at a dolphin research center
  • Internship with Bridging Bionics (exoskeleton development)
  • Beekeeping and urban gardening
  • Tagging and tracking sea turtles
  • Internship with a public radio station
  • Teaching English in Spain
  • Internship for a senate campaign