Mark Clark

History Faculty

BA, Religion/Philosophy, Colorado College

MA, Philosophy of Religion, Claremont Graduate University

Appointed 1979

What do you do on campus?

These days I share a teaching position w/ AO Forbes and am here full-time for the first semester when he takes over the second. I am teaching two sections of Eastern Philosophy & Religion and one of Western Philosophy & Religion, Work with advisees and with the kayaking program.

What is your favorite School tradition?

My favorite tradition is skiing and trying to help create a love for the winter environment. John and Ann Holden were keen skiers and their love of it was palpable in the school when I came. I think we do a good job keeping that love alive.

What makes a CRMS education special?

I feel the relationships that students have with the faculty is the one very special component of a “CRMS education”; at least it certainly is for me.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of teaching humanities to teenagers?

I find it very fulfilling to bring my students into contact with traditions, both Eastern & Western, that resonate powerfully inside of all of us. To be a part of helping make that happen is truly an honor.