Lynn Pulford

Art Department Chair, Arts Faculty

BA, Media Arts, Montana State University

MA, Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design

Appointed 1997

What do you do at CRMS?

I teach Photography and Silversmithing. I am an advisor to freshman this year. George (Weber) and I are Base Camp managers and we work with students for Trip Prep. I also work with students on the campus art service crew.

What is your favorite memory from a trip?

Oh, so many! I guess one of the most recent was hiking, finding and staying at the Opa Braun Hut for Fall Trip. The views from Taylor Pass were incredible. I love that we have the opportunity to share the wilderness and time outdoors with students.

What makes the CRMS arts curriculum unique?

The breadth of the art program at CRMS is strong, diverse and provides numerous opportunities for student growth in and through the arts. The art program at CRMS strives to provide students the opportunity to experience a variety of unique visual and performing arts as academic classes. The opportunities for art at CRMS are numerous and extend outside the academic day. In addition to the academic classes offered students may participate in drama productions, ceramics, glassblowing and blacksmithing service crews, coffeehouses, interim offerings, and open studios.

How do trips and service reinforce what students are learning in their classes?

Trips allow faculty to connect to students outside of the classroom and the daily schedule at CRMS. On a recent Spring Trip to Canyonlands, we constructed and installed small shelters for a vegetation reclamation project. There is an immediate satisfaction in service work and seeing what you accomplished. The students constructed and installed over 1,000 of these structures in about four hours!