Mandy Lane Irwin ’99 inspires the next generation

by Tim O'Keefe

Hometown: Carbondale, Colorado
Currently Residing In: Concord, Massachusetts
Education: BA – Environmental Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder; Graduate Diploma of Education, University of Melbourne Australia; M. Ed. Boston College
Occupation: Environmental science and biology teacher at Middlesex (boarding high school)

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?
I find having conversations with young people about the environmental consequences of our choices and working with them to reduce the impact on our own community rewarding.

In what ways does curiosity play a role in your professional, personal, or community life?
I constantly ask questions about how to improve curriculum, pedagogy, and community practices. I believe curiosity and maintaining a reflective practice have allowed me to keep my classes and community involvement relevant. 

How has your experience at CRMS influenced your choice of what you are doing now?
CRMS was a truly indelible experience for me. I remember how learning about the local environment inspired me. I hope to convey a similar experience of place-based education at my current school.

What advice would you give current CRMS students?
Take advantage of any opportunity to get outside and try something new. You never know when you will uncover a new passion!

What’s been a highlight since graduating?
Traveling and working abroad, starting a family, and finding a meaningful career.

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