Holton Huntington ’15 in Five Minutes

by Heath Hignight

The Basics:

  • Hometown: Rapid City, South Dakota
  • Occupation: Director of International Program, CRMS
  • Education: BA, Environmental Writing, Middlebury College

What drew you back to CRMS?

In my senior year at CRMS, I was interested in being a teacher, but I did not want to come back right away. I have a lot of love for this place, but I wanted to take some time. While taking a break just after graduation this year, COVID-19 hit and changed everything. Now that I’m here, what’s great is that I’m learning the craft of teaching from excellent mentors, and there are such stellar kids to work with!

What else are you doing at CRMS?

Currently, I’m the Director of the International Program, which looks so different this year because of COVID-19—we’re working with our international students entirely on Zoom from their home countries. And I’m the “Master of Dramatic Arts,” leading the theater program for a group of eager students. I’m also helping with the Trip Prep Crew and the Climbing 2 Active, which is great because I couldn’t do that when I was a student!

When did you last visit CRMS?

Actually, I worked for the [HS]2 program during the last three summers. I was aware of it as a student, but the summer after I graduated, I stayed in the valley and volunteered with the climbing program. Having a good experience with [HS]2 is part of why I’m here today. It helped me grow my relationship with my school in a big way.

A favorite memory of faculty?

I was attempting the Nordic skiing Oystermeister. I was a total mess because I’d never done Nordic skiing before, but I came at it like a hothead anyway. Approaching a climb, my lungs and legs burning, Jim Gaw just effortlessly flows by me and says, “Kick and glide, Holton!” What an ego-check! 

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