CRMS Environmental Club takes action

by Willa Schendler

In high school, a donut bribe goes a long way. This year, the CRMS Environmental Club has a new focus: political action.

Every Wednesday after household jobs, you can find a group of kids munching on donuts (provided by the club’s faculty sponsor Kayo Ogilby) and calling their representatives in government. This is the club’s new Donuts for Democracy: Call Your Senator Session — where every week, we choose a new environmental issue to be the focus of calls to our state representatives.

At CRMS, we live and breathe the outdoors. To most students and faculty, the natural environment surrounding Carbondale, Colorado — with its rivers, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and biking — is a source of solace and joy. It seems only right that at CRMS, we have a way to reciprocate our love of the outdoors into meaningful action to protect doing what we love.

The club is also currently exploring options to expand our school’s renewable energy sources, minimize our use of reusable dining ware in the Bar Fork, and install energy meters onto every dorm to monitor and regulate our energy use. The Environmental Club has been increasingly active in the past two years, and in the midst of the pandemic craziness, we are trying to translate our anxieties into tangible actions that we can take to help the planet.

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