Plant Sale


Colorado Rocky Mountain School’s Annual Plant Sale

Saturday, May 17th, 9am to 3pm, Sunday, May 18th, 1pm to 3pm

The Colorado Rocky Mountain School Organic Garden Learning Center will hold its annual plant sale on Saturday, May 17th from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and Sunday, May 18th from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the school greenhouse (1493 County Road 106, Carbondale). CRMS students have been busy since January taking cuttings and starting seeds. This year's organically grown selection is extensive, and all varieties have been selected for their suitability to the climate of the Roaring Fork Valley. In the fruit and veggie department, there are over 36 short-season tomato varieties including 15 heirlooms, 21 types of peppers both hot and sweet, artichokes, arugula, cucumbers, lettuces, squashes, melons, raspberries, sorrel, and much more; pie makers will find rhubarb and Italian alpine strawberries. For folks with limited space, there is a great selection of veggies bred to be grown in containers. Herbs include 26 different culinary varieties and 10 types of basil. Annual flowers, onion plants and seed potatoes are also available. The perennial section features native and adapted plants, all of which do well in our arid mountain climate.

Prices are competitive and many varieties sell out, so it’s wise to arrive early. A complete plant list can be found below.

Tomatoes C=Cherry, E=Early, EE=Extra Early, H=Heirloom, G=Grape, UE=Ultra Early, PC=bred for container growing I=Indeterminate D=Determinant #=days to maturity
C Early Cherry D-55
C Gold Nugget D-56
C Oregon Cherry D-60
C Sun Gold I-57
C Sunpeach Hybrid I-60
C Super Sweet 100 I-78
C Sweet Million I-65-70
C-Sweetie I-65
E Anna Russian I-65-75
E Black Krim I-80
E Black Prince I-75
E Oregon Spring D-75-80
EE Early Girl D-60
EE Early Girl I-57
EE Legend D-68
EE New Girl I-62
G Juliet Grape I-60
H + C Koralik D-61
H Bonny Best I-72
H Brandywine I-80
H Burbank slicing D-75
H Cherokee Purple I-85
H Cosmonaut Volkov I-72
H Gold Medal I-75
H Green Zebra I-75-80
H Manitoba D-66
H Moskvich I-60
H Pruden's Purple I-72
H Rose I-75
H Sasha's Altai D-57
H Silvery Fir Tree D-58
H Striped German I-78
H Vintage Wine
H-Slava I-65
H-Soldacki I-75
Sauce--Beaverlodge D-55
Sauce--San Marzano I-90
Sauce--Viva Italia Hybrid D-72
UE Valley Girl F1 D-65
UE Bloody Butcher I-55
UE Glacier D/55
P/C Little Sun Hybrid Container
P/C Terenzo F1 Container
P/C Bush Goliath Container
PC Bintono Hybrid Container
P/C Red Robin Container
P/C Tumbler Container

Achillea Yarrow Moonshine Yarrow
Alcea rosea Chaters Magnificent Mix
Alcea rosea ChatersYellow
Alcea rosea Arabian Knight
Allium senescens Corkscrew allium
Anemone hupehensis
Aquilegia caerulea Hybrid Blue Star
Aquilegia caerulea Crimson Starr
Aquilegia caerulea Rocky Mountain Columbine
Aquilegia canadensis Red Columbine
Aquilegia Vulgaris Clementine Salmon Rose
Aquilegia Vulgaris plena Black Barlow
Asceplias tuberosa Hello Yellow
Asceplias incarnate Soulmate, Cinderella
Callirhoe invulcrata Buffalo Winecups
Centranthus ruber Pretty Betsy Jupiters Beard
Chrysanthem coccineum Super Duplex
Coreopsis grandiflora Santa Fe
Coreopsis lanceolata Sterntaler Coreopsis
Currant Bush
Dalea Purpurea Purple Prairie clover
Dianthus pinifolius Pineleaf Garden Pink
Digitalis ferruginea Gigantea Gelber Herold'
Digitalis mertonensis Strawberry Foxglove Perennial
Digitalis obscura Dusky Maid, Sunset
Digitalis purpurea Sutton's Apricot
Digitalis purpurea Foxy
Digitalis purpurea Excelsior
Digitalis thapsis Spanish Peaks Perennial Foxglove
Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit
Echinacea purpurea Baby Swan White'
Gaillardia aristata Amber Wheels
Gaillardia aristata Mesa Peach
Helianthemum nummularium Rock Rose
Helictotrichon sempervirens Blue Oat Grass
Heliopsis helianthoides var scabra Summer Sun
Heliopsis helianthoides var scabra Summer Nights
Lavendula angustifolia Munstead Lavender
Lupinus hybrid My Castle Lupine
Lupinus Russell The Pages
Lupinus Russell Lulu Mix
Lupinus russell Govenor
Mahonia repens Creeping Oregon
Monarda didyma Goldmelisse
Nepeta faasenii Select blue catmint
Nepeta racemosa
Oenothera macrocarpa ssp fremontii Silver Wings Evening Primrose
Papaver Coral Reef
Papaver orientale Pizzicato
Papaver orientale Victoria Louise Oriental Poppy
Penstemon barbatus Cambridge Mix
Penstemon cobaea
Penstemon grandiflorus War Axe
Plectranthus tomentosa Vick’s Plant
Pulsatilla patens European Pasque flower
Ratibida columnifera Mexican Hat
Rhodiola rhodantha Queen’s Crown
Rubbeckia triloba Prairie Glow'
Rudbeckia hirta Denver Daisy'
Salvia nemerosa Rosenwein
Salvia nemerosa May Night Salvia
Salvia pratensis Sky Dance
Salvia pratensis Sweet Esmeralda'
Scabiosa causasia Fama Deep Blue
Scabiosa causasia Fama White
Scabiosa causasia Dark Knight
Sedum Autumn Joy
Sempervivum hybridum Winter Hardy Hens & Chicks mix
Spilanthes acmella
Verbascum chaixii Wedding Candles
Viola corsica Little gem
Viola sororia Freckles
Zinnia grandiflora

Basil Aroma Fusarium resistant
Basil Genovese
Basil Lemon
Basil Lime
Basil Mammoth
Basil Osmin Purple
Basil Siam Queen Thai
Basil Sweet
Basil Window Box
Chamomile German
Cilantro Caribe
Cutting Celery
Dill Bouquet
Dill Fernleaf
Dill Mammoth
Mint Peach
Mint Mojito
Oregano Greek
Parsley- Forest Green
Parsley, Italian Gigante
Salvia common
Salvia Pineapple Sage
Savory - Summer
Savory - Winter
Shisho Perilla Britton Red
Shiso Perilla Green
Tarragon Mexican
Tarragon Satureja Hortensis
Thyme Common
Thyme Creeping
Thyme Germam Winter
Thyme English

Artichoke Imperial Star
Artichoke Cardoon
Arugula Sylvetta
Broccoli Tender Green
Broccoli Green King
Broccoli Mix – Arcadia, Fiesta, Tendergreen
Brussels Sprouts Gustous
Cabbage Gonzales
Cabbage Mix Gunma, Gonzales Super Red
Cauliflower Mix Purle of Sicily, Snow Crown, Symphony
Cucumber Bush Crop
Cucumber Double Yield
Cucumber Japanese Soyu Burpless
Cucumber Lemon
Cucumber Little Leaf
Cucumber Marketmore
Cucumber Muncher Container
Cucumber Olympian
Dill Compatto
EggPlant Millionaire
Eggplant Fairy Tale Container
Eggplant Galine
Eggplant Hansel F1
Eggplant Ophelia F1 Container
Eggplant Swallow
Fennel Orion
Fragaria Vesca Italian Alpine Container
Fragraria vesca Alexandria
Fragraria vesca Golden Alexandria
Gourds Ornamental Mix
Green Bush Bean Masai Container
Kale Nero di Toscano
Kale Mix
Leeks Megaton
Lettuce Red Salad Bowl
Lettuce Green Salad Bowl
Lettuce Summer Lettuce Mix
Melon Sweet Granite
Melon (water) Black Tail Mountain
Melon (water) Cream of Sasketchawan
Melon (water) Peace
Melon (water) Petite Yellow
Melon (water) Sugar Baby
Melon Halona
Melon Minnesota Midget Container
Onion Mix Copra, Redwing & Whitewing
Pepper Ace F1
Pepper Anaheim
Pepper Ancho Poblano
Pepper Carmen Sweet
Pepper Early Jalapeno
Pepper Flamingo Hybrid
Pepper Flavorburst F1
Pepper Jimmy Nardello
Pepper King of the North
Pepper Lady Bell
Pepper Marconi Red
Pepper Miniature Yellow
Pepper Miniature Orange
Pepper Miniature Red
Pepper Mohawk Container
Pepper Purple Beauty
Pepper Red Skin Sweet Container
Pepper Serrano Hidalgo
Pepper Thai Hot
Prize Choi Bok Choi
Pumpkin Autumn Crown
Pumpkin Flatso
Pumpkin New England Pie
Pumpkin Rouge Vif D'Etampes
Pumpkin Winter Luxury
Quinoa-Brightest Brillian Rainbow
Rhubarb Snowmass Creek Heirloom
Rhubarb Glaskins Perpetual
Spinach Space
Summer Squash Zephyr
Squash Summer Bush Baby Container
Squash Winter Bush Delicata Container
Squash Summer Bennings Green Tint
Squash Summer Costata Romanesco
Squash Easy Pick Yellow
Squash Summer Raven Zuchinni
Squash Summer Y-Star
Squash Summer Zucchini Green Tiger Container
Swiss Chard Bright Lights
Swiss Chard Fordhook Giant
Tomatillo Mexican
Winter Squash Buttercup
Winter Squash Butternut Jws 6883
Winter Squash Honey Bear
Winter Squash Small Wonder
Winter Squash Sweet Dumpling Delicata
Winter Squash Delicata

Annual Flowers
Ammi Maja – Queen of Africa Laceflower
Aster--Cutflower Assortment
Celosia Ruby Parfait
Cabbage Kamome Flowering – Red
Cabbage Kamome Flowering – White
Coleus Chocolate Mint
Coleus Palisandra
Coleus Rainbow Mix
Cosmos Daydream
Cosmos Double Click Cranberries
Cosmos Picotee
Cosmos Pink Popsock
Cosmos Psyche
Cosmos Seashell
Cosmos Sensation
Dianthus Sweet William Amazon Neon Cherry
Diascia barbarae Pink Queen
Eucalyptus Silver Dollar
Impatiens Hybrid Divine New Guinea
Impatiens Tempo Blue Satin
Kale Flowering Red Chidori
Kale Flowering Peacock
Marigold Brocade Mix
Marigold French Queen Sophia
Marigold Tangerine Gem
Nasturtium Alaska
Nasturtium Empress of India
Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mix
Nasturtium Peach Melba
Nasturtium Tall Climbing Mix
Pansy Bewitched Blend
Pansy Jolly Joker
Pepper Ornamental
Petunia Explorer
Petunia Ramblin Burgandy
Rudbeckia Tetra Green Eyes
Rudbeckia Indian Summer
Rudbeckia Triloba
Safflower Zanzibar
Snaps Animation Mix
Snaps Black Prince
Snaps Frosted Flames
Snaps RocketMix F1
Sunflower Sunny Smile F1
Vine Morning Glory Early Call
Vine Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
Viola Penny All Season Mix
Zinnia Giant Fantasy
Zinnia Pastel Sunset
Zinnia Persian Carpet
Zinnia Profusion Fire Color Mix
Zinnia Scarlet Flame
Zinnia Thumbelina
Zinnia White Giant Dahlia
Zinnia Zowie Yellow Flame

Seed potatoes
Hanging baskets

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