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Welcome Alumni!
Along with a pair of well-worn hiking boots and a journal full of memories, authentic personal connections are among the most prized possessions with which, you, our alumni graduate.

Whether you are building on your Colorado Rocky Mountain School foundation by obtaining an advanced degree, starting a humanitarian organization, saving lives as an emergency room doctor, trekking around the world, helping shape the leaders of tomorrow as a teacher, or sharing your unique perspective as an artist, our guess is that you draw on your CRMS education daily.

In the alumni office we often hear that CRMS was a life-changing experience for our graduates. Through our new website, we hope that our 2,000+ dedicated alumni spread across the United States and the world are able to again tap in to the power of their CRMS years as well as to help keep our school going strong for current and future generations of oysters and pearls.

On the above referenced pages, you will find ways to stay involved in the life of our school, connect with other alumni, update your information and news, and support CRMS.

Alumni are an essential part of our school’s “extended family.” Your enthusiasm for and dedication to our school is inspirational and speaks to the power of the CRMS experience.

Because our diverse community of alumni is spread all over the globe, we strive to keep you updated on campus and alumni news with our monthly e-newsletter, the Bar Fork Bulletin, our tri-annual school publications, and our CRMS Alumni Facebook page.

Click on the links above to learn more about our publications, view pdfs of the most recent editions of each, and update your contact information with us.

No matter where you are, we want to keep you closely connected and well informed about all things CRMS!

Update/Find Alumni Contacts

Want to make sure you receive newsletters and updates from school? We do!

Since many of our alumni have affection for adventure and new horizons, it is a challenge to keep alumni contact information current.

Help us to keep you informed by sending us an email to update your contact information, or, inquire about a CRMS friend at

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