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At Colorado Rocky Mountain School, we pursue students whose values, energy, spirit, and passion for ideas are in line with ours. Our academics emphasize a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum with a focus on critical thinking and a personal connection to the subject matter. And with mountains, valleys, and deserts providing a classroom as well as a backdrop, we infuse our students with the skills and the mindset to succeed not only in college but in life. For more information please visit our welcome page.

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"Young people today need a school and a community where the cool kids love to read books and play outdoors; where kids prefer an impromptu debate about contemporary Chinese politics, or preparing a barbecue together, rather than updating their Facebook pages or playing video games. Young people today need a community where the life of the mind, and face-to-face social interaction, is valued by all more than screen time and digital gadgets. Colorado Rocky Mountain School is such a community.
--Leonard Sax MD PhD, author of “Boys Adrift” and “Girls on the Edge”

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