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Guest Educator: Jen Cort

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DEI educator Jen Cort, will be visiting with various CRMS cohorts on campus, including students, teachers, and staff.

Jen is a diversity practitioner, author, podcast host, school counselor, trustee, coach, speaker, consultant, and activist. She has served as a principal, school administrator, and school counselor, and is also a boarding school parent, who works throughout the US and in multiple countries.

Visit her website to learn more about her work.

Jen Cort’s Philosophy:

All schools should collaborate within and among themselves to create child-centered environments. Jen believes that schools must provide environments where students can be seen and heard to learn to be visible and use their voices in ways that work for them. Helping students be seen and listened to is a mutual obligation. Schools create safe places for students to take academic risks, speak their minds, try a new sport, audition for the play, celebrate their authentic selves, and learn communication methods.

To accomplish these goals, healthy schools have:

  • Expectations for the development of self-advocacy skills
  • Strong advisory programs
  • Transparency is balanced with confidentiality.
  • Assessment of the program, faculty as well as students
  • Collaboration within the school as well as with the more incredible world
  • Active and dynamic diversity programsStudent leadership programs
  • Interactive and collaborative relationships between the administration, faculty, parents, and students