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Academic Check

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Each term, we set dates for academic checks. This is a time we encourage families to log into Canvas and recognize each student’s academic progress. Our second academic check is Wednesday, January 24th.

The intention of the Canvas Parent portal is so that families can see the status of assignments or grades given. When used well, an open grade book promotes productive conversations between parents/guardians, students, and teachers. Parents should not feel obligated to check their child’s grade status frequently as most students are better off with autonomy and the understanding that they hold responsibility for their academic achievement. Students are expected to use Canvas daily as they complete homework and keep track of assessments.

*Please note that current grades give us only a small snapshot of a student’s performance and do not reflect their overall progress or final grade.

Canvas Tip: The default settings for Canvas Notifications can be overwhelming and unneeded. We recommend that you turn down or turn off the notifications and check in whenever you like through the App or web.
How to Adjust Canvas Notification Settings