Tracy Wilson

History Faculty, Climbing Program Manager, 9th Grade Team Leader

BA, English & Communications, Boise State University

MA, Secondary School Education, Prescott College

Appointed 2008

What do you do on campus?
I teach ninth-grade World Geography and am the Climbing Program Manager. I am the faculty liaison for the Justice League club, a dorm parent, a senior advisor, a member of the active program committee, and work the (HS)2 program in the summer as a writing teacher and climbing instructor.

What is unique about teaching ninth-grade students?
I love teaching ninth grade. Developmentally students are discovering where their passions lie, and I enjoy offering a class where they can discuss big ideas and make decisions about what values they hold dear as people.

What do you enjoy about your role as a coach, a dorm parent, and a teacher?
All of it! I love being able to have meaningful conversations with students and see them become critical thinkers that can analyze and try to make sense of the world around them.

What is the most rewarding part of being the Grade 9 Team Leader?
The best part of being the ninth-grade coordinator is seeing students in the ninth grade find their place at CRMS. They come in with so much potential and it’s inspiring to see where that takes them and to follow that throughout their time at CRMS.