Peter Benedict

Mathematics Faculty, River Program Manager

BA, Outdoor Education, Prescott College

MS, Math Education, Montana State University

Appointed 1998

What do you do on campus?
I teach math, Run the River program, Coach the kayak team, Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding. I am captain Miercoles, work in the North Dorm, and serve on the Active committee.

Tell us your favorite memory of Miercoles.
Hiding in a bathroom stall with 18 students while playing Sardines.

What is your favorite part of the CRMS schedule – why?
Skiing in the Winter is always great. You get to see students improve quickly and have some great adventures.

What is your favorite part of teaching Math?
Coming up with interesting projects that allow students to connect math to the real world. That or helping students one on one. That is why I use ALEKS.