Noah Sakamoto

Visual Arts Faculty

BFA, Media Arts, California College of Arts and Crafts

Appointed 2019

What do you do on campus? Painting and Drawing teacher, Videography teacher, Roaring Fork House Dorm Team Leader, Skateboard Active Head Coach, Snowboard Coach, Ceramics Service Crew, Advisor, DEI Task Force member

What makes the CRMS Art curriculum unique? In my class, students identify as artists, collaborators, and researchers.  They foster their curiosities and follow an arts-based inquiry process based on interdisciplinary connections, studio exploration, and ongoing critique and refinement.  Students become the authentic owners of their work and develop the skills and language to support it.

What is your favorite medium to teach and why? Collage because it’s very accessible, requires minimal tools, and is relatively non-toxic

You were able to introduce a new active this year (skateboarding), what made you want to introduce this to our program? Skateboarding is just as creative as it is physical.  It can transform the urban landscape into a limitless playground full of obstacles and excitement.  Within our increasingly controlled and expensive lifestyles,  I find tremendous value in this rule-free, low-cost sport.