Marlin Rhodes

Accounts Payable/Receivable


Appointed 1990

What do you do at CRMS?
I work in the Business Office processing the school’s bills and also I facilitate tuition and incidentals accounts. I am also a dorm parent.

What is your favorite thing about working in the residential program?
The time I get to know and connect with the kids and really help be a friend and mentor for them outside of the classroom. Bring care, love, and a feeling of home within their dorms.

How long have you worked at CRMS and what other jobs have you done here?
I am going on my 34th year at the school. I worked 10 years at the school in the Maintenance Department and now 24 years in the Business Office.

What is your favorite school tradition?
The Wilderness Orientation. It really creates memories, teamwork, and an immediate bond among the kids and their leaders.