Lorna Moore


Appointed 2024

Affiliation: Summer session alum (1963) and faculty member (1968-70)
Occupation: University professor
Background: 50 years of teaching, medical research, university administration
Education: BA, Smith College; MS, PhD, University of Michigan Ann Arbor

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees?

It was at CRMS that I found my vocation, and avocation — for which I am truly grateful. As a high school student, CRMS motivated me to think and take myself seriously as a human being. I had never known faculty who imbued in me a sense of wonder and the joy of achievement without attendant drudgery. As a faculty, CRMS taught me patience, appreciation of diversity and how to build character and resilience through the varied experiences that took place in the not only in the classroom but also in the sports, craft, and work programs. The experiences of my mother (Betty Grindlay) as Chair of the Board of Trustees and my husband as a longtime Board member also motivated me to seek to continue our family tradition of serving this school that we love so much.

What do you value most about CRMS?

The importance of building and being a whole person that was put forth by John and Anne Holden as a rationale for creating the school and then developed by the generation of faculty I knew as a teenager or young adult (e.g., Nigel and Kay Peacock, Joe Frank, and Paula Mechau) as well as its faculty today. Today’s world is dangerously fragmented which creates a compelling need for putting the pieces back together. CRMS continues to be well positioned to do so with its strong academics coupled with rigorous, self-reliant sports; inspiring arts and crafts; and the need for getting one’s hands dirty with real, earthy work — all in the setting of the scenic Roaring Fork and Crystal Valleys and the shadow of Mt Sopris.