Lori Gavette

Modern Language Faculty

BA, Spanish, University of Colorado

Appointed 1994

What do you do at CRMS?
I teach Spanish levels I and II. I am an advisor, and I chair the Campus Buildings and Grounds committee.

What makes CRMS’s language curriculum unique?
We are dedicated to teaching one language, which is Spanish. By teaching just one language, we can dedicate our resources to providing the best instruction possible. Our language faculty has a singular and collective focus, and we are able to select our Interim choices, class speakers, and projects in an immersive manner.

What do you enjoy about your role as an advisor?
My current advisee group loves the dried mango that I bring to advisee meetings. My former advisee group loved the chocolate cake that I made. Each group of advisees is different, and as an advisor, it’s rewarding to really get to know a group of students as they progress through their four years at CRMS, learning and growing together.

How does CRMS prepare students for higher education?
CRMS provides an education that students will rely on for the rest of their lives. They will remember rising to the many challenges, both academic and physical, that was required of them at CRMS. They will know that they can fall back on these experiences to persevere through whatever challenges lie ahead. CRMS alumni become travelers, innovators, and lifelong learners who embrace what the future has to offer them.