Ken Wanko

Board of Trustee Member

Appointed 2022

Affiliation: Current Parent

Occupation: Investment Banking

Background: Systems Engineer, Corporate Finance, Engineering and Investment Banking, Corporate Acquisition, Corporate Leadership, Strategic Planning

Education: BS, Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan; MBA, Duke University

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees? When I was asked to join, I immediately thought that it could be a great situation for me to use my skills in finance and valuation to help CRMS build on its success and help ensure its bright future for years to come. Also, since we are new to the Roaring Fork Valley, I believe that the relationships I am able to develop as trustee will ingrain us in the CRMS community to a much greater extent.

What do you value most about CRMS? I believe the aspect of CRMS that I’ve come to admire and value most is its inclusive nature. Based on everything I’ve seen and heard from my daughter Calise’s experience, the student body and faculty all feel a sense of home and welcome at CRMS. This culture allows the students to be themselves and experiment with ventures that may be incredibly difficult at a different type of school.

What are you most excited about while serving as a Trustee? Honestly, I am just excited to get involved. This is a place and school we now call home, to be a more integral part of it is very important to myself and my family.