Eric Krimmer

Director of Technology

BS, Information Technology, Colorado State University

AA, AS, Colorado Mountain College; Microsoft MCSE Certification; Cisco CCNA Certification

Appointed 2000

What do you do on campus?
I am the Director of Technology. I get to teach computer programming, coach in the CRMS bike program and I’m an advisor.

Education – where is your degree from, and what was your major?
I have gained several degrees over the years ranging from a degree in culinary arts (Associates of Science) to a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I remember fondly my interview with then head of Andrew Menke. I was applying for the technology assistant position with a resume filled with sous chef experience. I was sitting nervously in his office as he read through my resume. He finally put down the paper with a confused look on his face. Andrew proceeded to ask me if I was sure I was applying for the correct position. I spoke of the natural progression one takes from chef to technology and somehow landed the job. That was twenty years ago, and it has been the greatest job I have ever had.

What is your favorite part of a CRMS day?
It could be the small smile I get when a student complains about not being able to play their favorite game online because of the firewall. It could also be a small amount of pride I take when that student returns and tells me they have figured out a way around the firewall. It’s all about problem-based learning.

What is your favorite memory from a CRMS trip?
I always look forward to CRMS trips as a way to escape my office and computer screens. I love that they allow me to disappear into the desert, away from email and telephones for a week to ride a mountain bike with the students. The trips enable me to showcase my previous life as a chef. Most students see me as the internet key master and don’t know my culinary side. CRMS has many excellent outdoor chefs, so there is some pressure to keep the bar high.

What do you enjoy most about teaching Computer Science?
Every student approaches Computer Science differently and for different reasons. I love having a student that takes computer programming as a substitute for a math or science class and ends up loving programming. I took computer programming in high school with my P.E. teacher as the teacher. I always hope I have made the course more enjoyable than in my high school class.