Brian Davies

Board of Trustee Member

Appointed 2019

Affiliation: Alumni Parent
Occupation: Executive Coach with Pax8 and Founder, CampSix Technology
Background: Educational Professional, Business Management, Technology, Independent School Leadership
Education: B.A. English, Hobart College; MBA Business Management, University of Denver

What inspired you to join the CRMS Board of Trustees? Having attended and worked in private schools, as well as having both my children attend them, I believe very strongly in the value these schools, CRMS in particular, provide. Our children are growing up in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world; facing challenges that we never had to encounter when we were their age. CRMS is a special place where students become incredibly prepared and ready to be leaders in this world, which I believe is the best education. 

What do you value most about CRMS?  The preparedness of the students, but the other thing I value tremendously about CRMS is the community support of each other and inclusiveness amongst its members. When I talk to other parents about the school, I always mention that everyone finds their place at CRMS and is comfortable and supported. No one is left without someone else being part of their tribe. 

What are you most excited about while serving as a Trustee? >Learning about the community more and the support the board provides. I think the creativity and diversity of the board are exciting to be a part of and applying their positive intent to enhance the school for generations to come.