Betsy Bingham-Johns

Director of College Counseling

BS, Psychology, Denison University

Appointed 2007

What do you do on campus?
I teach college counseling classes and guide students and families through the college application process. I co-coordinate the Senior Project program with AO. I also get to participate in Interims, which I absolutely love, and I often have the opportunity to join fall and spring trips groups in a support capacity.

What is your philosophy about the college counseling process?
I am all about encouraging students to celebrate their strengths and helping them identify schools that will value who they are and what they have to offer. The college process is not a race for the golden ring. Helping students find a college or university that will provide a community to help them succeed as individuals in the ultimate goal.

How does CRMS prepare students for higher education?
CRMS does a wonderful job of preparing students academically, as they are asked to think critically about what they are learning. Students become comfortable with extensive reading, in-depth paper writing, undertaking experiential learning, and communicating their ideas through class discussion. CRMS also develops character in every element of the program from academic and active to residential life. We are incredibly community-centric at CRMS, and consequently, our students enter college as engaged, thoughtful, globally-minded, confident citizens who comfortable taking charge of their education.

What do you love about working at CRMS?
I am incredibly grateful for the insight and inspiration that I gain from my co-workers as well as for the daily amusement and joy that students bring into my life. Every day brings a new opportunity to learn from this extraordinary community.