Amanda Leahy

History Department Chair, History/English Faculty, Horse Program Manager

BA, American Studies, Middlebury College

MA, American Western History, Colorado State University

Appointed 2000

What do you do on campus? I Chair the History Department and teach 11th grade US history and 12th grade English. I run the CRMS Horse Program, coach Girls Soccer, and am an advisor to a group of notoriously awesome seniors.

What is your favorite memory from an interim? Favorite memory from an interim…so many! Watching the Lamar Valley wolf pack in Yellowstone National Park; interacting with wolves at Mission Wolf and singing Taylor Swift songs around the campfire; listening to the crazy laughter erupting from students as we galloped along a riverbed in The Grand Canyon.

What is your favorite aspect of the horse program? When the students recognize the deep-seated connection that can exist between human and horse; when they recognize that performance and synchronicity are shaped by intention, emotion, and mindset; when they run barrels or pole-bend during the gymkhana competitions at the Carbondale rodeo arena and see the amazing cowboy community that surrounds us.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of teaching humanities to teenagers?
When the traditional role of teacher and student falls to the wayside and we are all having an open, honest, engaging conversation about what inspires and threatens the human heart. I am both humbled and unabashedly proud of these conscientious and profoundly thoughtful young people.

Appointed 2000