Ally Bender

Academic Support and Learning Center Manager

BFA, CA Polytechnic State University

MS, Education, Special Education Concentration, CA State University - Fullerton

Education Specialist Credential, Moderate/Severe Disabilities, CA State University - Fullerton

Appointed 2022

Ally is a Southern California native and has worked in special education since 2016, specializing in significant needs, behaviors, and autism. She now helps support various schools and districts in special education, as well as many students in our community by providing an individualized framework of support for them to thrive, build confidence, and ultimately gain independence.

Ally is excited to be part of the CRMS family and working with the Learning Center team this year. She lives on a ranch in Carbondale and enjoys kiteboarding, water skiing, dirt bike riding, snowmobiling, surfing, horses, food, learning about new things, and any other activity that involves water.