Alex Perkins

English Faculty

BA, University of Montana

MA, Middlebury College

Appointed 2012

What do you do on campus?
I teach Freshman English, am an advisor, Coach Nordic Skiing and kayaking, and help lead the Sopris Dorm.

What is your favorite part of a CRMS day?
This is a hard question because every day at CRMS is so different. A highlight one day may be seeing a discussion unfold that we have been planning for in English Class; while the next day, it might be taking the Nordic Team to Spring Gulch for a long easy ski after a weekend race.

What is your favorite School tradition?
There are a lot, but one that I may be most proud to be a part of is the kayaking program. The CRMS program’s history is filled with legends from the sport. I first learned about the school’s reputation in Kayaking as a 14-year-old living in New England. The program is linked to the pioneers of the sport and students coming out of our program have had a profound effect on whitewater kayaking.

Describe your teaching philosophy in one sentence.
I like to work as a collaborator and facilitator with my students in a way that challenges them and celebrates their own thinking.