Chantel Hope

I’m from Florida, and I am a senior at CRMS. While at CRMS, I have been fortunate to be engaged in a culmination of artistic, academic, and outdoor activities. In addition to the insightful discussion-based classes, CRMS gives me great freedom through self-studies classes– Multivariable Calculus and an individual scientific research project. Outside classes, I was captain of the cross-country team and have been involved in the Climbing, Nordic, and Soccer teams. In addition, I run two clubs, Walk the Talk and Environmental Club. Walk the Talk centers on community action, where over the years, we’ve fundraiser for topics ranging from indigenous issues to the Yemen Food Crisis and volunteered for our local food bank Lift Up. The CRMS Environmental Club, working closely with Conservation Colorado, has lobbied, phone banked, canvassed for representatives, and held lobbying and letter-writing activities. Students feel tied to environmental efforts strengthened by a close connection to nature embodied through trips, which I have been lucky to lead. From trips across mountain tops to conversations on Thoreau, CRMS has provided me with a thoughtful, well-rounded education.