National Park Week

by Aimee Yllanes

It’s National Park Week and Spring Trip at CRMS. During this week, our students have had the opportunity to visit some of our country’s parks. The National Park Service was created to be the guardian of our diverse cultural and recreational resources; an environmental advocate; a partner in community revitalization, the world leader in the parks and preservation community; and a pioneer in the drive to protect America’s open space.

At Colorado Rocky Mountain School we believe that Spring Trip provides not only an outdoor classroom but also an opportunity for the transference of leadership, exploration, and camaraderie back into the academic setting. During this week, the entire school undertakes expeditions that explore the mesas, rivers, and canyons of the American Southwest. Students and faculty embark on exciting and challenging experiences that build upon and utilize skills learned during Wilderness and Fall Trip. Students discover more about their strengths as they realize their individual roles within group settings.

There are several important goals of the CRMS trip program, including:

  • Emphasizing skills and ethics designed to minimize the impact on and maximize student appreciation for the natural world
  • Teaching competency with outdoor skills, mastery of camp craft, ability to care for oneself and others in wilderness settings, and technical skills associated with varying trip disciplines
  • Reinforcing the enduring value of teamwork and service to others
  • Offering unique opportunities for participants to learn about the natural and/or human history of the locations visited
  • Inspiring students to develop the skills and passion for lifelong engagement with the natural world

How are you celebrating #NationalParkWeek?

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