Managing Stress

by Ashley Smith

CRMS community, we are in the home stretch of the fall semester. You’ve got this! Winter break is around the corner, and the holiday season has begun. For many, this time of year can be stressful, joyful, or a combination of both. Most of us will experience varying degrees of stress and joy in the coming weeks. 

There’s A LOT going on right now, and we want to help our community find the energy to care for their well-being throughout this time.

Below are some things you should know and some tips for managing stress during this season.

  1. Get enough sleep – Not getting enough sleep can affect our mental health and our ability to concentrate. Teens need to get 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Turn off devices before bed and create a bedtime routine telling the brain it is time to wind down and rest
  2. Exercise 5 days a week – Getting your body moving can improve your mood and decrease feelings of stress. It can also help improve brain function.
  3. Diet – Stay away from junk food and instead fuel your brain and body by eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Stay hydrated.
  4. Get organized – Plan ahead for those tests and prioritize what needs attention first. Have an organized workspace and create a study schedule.
  5. Self-Advocate – If you need help preparing for an exam, reach out to a teacher, advisor, or another student who could help you with the material. 
  6. Be Kind To Yourself 

It is important to remember that stress is an important part of our lives and can motivate us to get things done. But, if stress is causing you to be unable to get work done, please reach out to your school counselor for extra support. 

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